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Working on the Milfoil

Though ice is covering the lake, we know that the milfoil is still there lurking and ready to spring into action as soon as the thaw comes. The LIA Board is busy gathering information and researching a relatively new herbicide, ProcellaCor, which Vermont approved for use against milfoil in 2018. It is formulated to target Eurasian Watermilfoil and to not harm other aquatic plant or animal species. Four lakes in Vermont used it successfully in 2019: Lakes Hortonia, Morey, and St. Catherine, and Burr Pond. All report excellent results in killing the milfoil with almost no effect on other aquatic plants or animals. They also report that the results of water testing showed that the herbicide had dissipated in less than 24 hours. Visit our 2020 Milfoil Efforts page for details.