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The Lake Iroquois Association Greeter Program

The Lake Iroquois Greeters check boats at the Lake Iroquois Public Boat Access to ensure invasive species (plant and animal) do not enter the lake. Their responsibilities include boat inspection and boat washing. They are on duty and the pressurized hot-water boat wash station is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. They are also on duty for the July 4 holiday.

As of 2018, Vermont law requires that a boat be washed if a greeter is on duty, the boat wash is operating at the time, and the greeter determines that the boat needs to be washed. These conditions apply for boats entering AND leaving the water. The greeters have documentation that more completely explains this law.

The pressurized hot-water boat wash station at Lake Iroquois has been designated by the state as an Approved Aquatic Nuisance Species Inspection Station, and all greeters have been trained in all duties by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. This is just one more step the LIA is taking to improve lake water quality.

Greeters are hired each spring for the summer season. Ads are usually posted in March. Follow us on Facebook or check here at that time for the ad. We also welcome people who would like to be trained to identify invasive species and would like to participate in the greeter program on a voluntary basis. If interested, email us at info@

The Lake Iroquois Association Greeter Program is overseen by the LIA Board of Directors and supervised by the Greeter Manager. The program is funded by Lake Iroquois Association members and donors and by an Aquatic Nuisance Control Grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. In addition, the Greeter Program receives in-kind staff support from the Town of Williston. The Town of Hinesburg Fire Department gives in-kind support by providing clean water for boat washing.

Lake Iroquois Greeter Manager Position Available

The Lake Iroquois Association is looking to hire a Manager for our Greeter Program. This is a part time job of 10-15 hours per week at $20/hour, starting in March 2021 and going through September 2021 with the opportunity to include in subsequent seasons.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, greeters inspect and wash boats to keep the lake free of invasive species for the benefit of all.

The manager responsibilities  include advertising and recommending the hiring of greeters, scheduling training for all greeters and the manager, scheduling greeters for shifts at the public access on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, submitting time sheets for greeter wages, ensuring greeters have what supplies they need.

The manager will also have responsibility to ensure the boat washer is operational for all shifts. The washer is a gas engine driven pressure washer with a kerosene water heater. 

Experience with Microsoft office applications, especially Excel and Word,  is necessary.

The manager reports to the Lake Iroquois Association Board of Directors.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume no later than March 1 to Bob Donnis (rdonnis@ (Lake Iroquois Association Board Member).