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Milfoil Control Efforts

Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) was first identified near the public fishing access in Lake Iroquois around 1990.  Various efforts were made to control the infestation including hand pulling, use of weevils, and establishment of the LIA Greeter Program.   However, by 2014, it was clear that the EWM infestation was spreading out of control, seriously impeding boating, swimming, fishing, and causing an alarming decline in native aquatic species.  In order to understand what was happening and what our options were, the LIA Board began to study and research options for reducing and controlling EWM.

The result of this work has been the development of a long-range management plan that involves a multi-faceted approach.  This approach includes continuing to complete projects to reduce sediment and nutrient loading in the lake as high nutrient levels encourage the growth of EWM; using Diver-Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) where appropriate, such as clearing the boat channel at the fishing access; placing benthic mats (bottom barriers) in some areas; and the possible use of the herbicide, ProcellaCOR, to reduce the infestation to a level controllable by these other means. 

Invasive plant species are a real threat to ecosystems.  They squeeze out native plant species which provide food and habitat for native insect and animal species, thereby threatening their existence; this in turn further disrupts the natural ecosystem.  Once an invasive gets a foothold, it is very difficult to completely eradicate it.  However, it is possible to reduce and control it in a way that minimizes its impact and allows the native species to regenerate.  This is the goal of the LIA efforts in combatting EWM.

This page is a clearinghouse of everything LIA is doing to control Milfoil.

LIA President Chris Conant and board member Jack Linn presenting at the Richmond SB 3.16.2020.  Presentation is about 18 minutes into the video.

Upcoming Milfoil Events




Hinesburg Selectboard Meeting - NEW DATE

We have tentatively re-scheduled the LIA presentation for the April 15 Selectboard meeting. LIA President Chris Conant will be discussing milfoil control plans for Lake Iroquois




Public Forum on Milfoil Control Efforts at Lake Iroquois POSTPONED

We are postponing this meeting due to the Coronavirus situation. We hope to be able to re-schedule later in the spring. Watch this space for further information