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Update on ProcellaCOR Permit for Lake Ioquois

The draft permit for use of ProcellaCOR herbicide to control the milfoil infestation in Lake Iroquois is posted on the VT Department of Environmental Conservation's Environmental Notice Bulletin. This draft permit is part of the LIA’s application process to receive a permit to control Eurasian Watermilfoil in Lake Iroquois.  It is listed as Aquatic Nuisance Control - Public Pesticide Application Number 3038 and its status can be tracked at Environmental Notice Bulletin:

The public comment period for this permit closed in early June and the permit application and comments that were received have been under review by the Department of Environmental Conservation since then. As of this date, November 6, 2020, a decision on this permit application has not been made. We will post updates here and on our Facebook page as further information becomes available.