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The Loons Really are Back!

Early in March 4 loons were spotted on the lake.  After a few weeks, however, no one had seen them so we assumed they had moved on.  Then about a week ago a pair of loons were seen again on the lake.  It looks like this pair is settling in for the season.  They have been seen consistently seen around the lake.  A hopeful sign is that they have been checking out the nesting raft and spending some time in the cove where they nested last year.  Jamie Carroll caught this picture of the loons about a week ago.  Yesterday, on a warm, sunny day (finally) the loons were seen swimming around and we could hear the happy sound of them calling.  We hope they will nest again this year and look forward to enjoy seeing them through the summer. 

And a reminder, if you are on the lake and see the loons, enjoy but keep your distance. If they do nest, we’ll post signs around the nesting area and we ask that you respect those signs.