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The Ice is Out!

Posted Tuesday, April 11, 2023

This year’s Ice-Out Challenge came to an end on Friday, April 7, 2023, at 1:58 p.m. when the pallet on the ice of Lake Iroquois flipped, the concrete block went into the cold lake water, and stopped the clock. This year’s Ice-Out date of April 7, 2023 is 5 days later than last year’s Ice-Out date of April 2, 2022.   

The Lake Iroquois Association (LIA) wishes to congratulate the eight winning ticket holders in the 2023 Ice-Out Challenge. The eight winners who selected the identical date and time will equally share 50% of the Ice-Out proceeds after expenses. The other 50% goes to improve the water quality of the lake, and to protect the lake from invasive aquatic plant species.

Lily Brennan, Jane Geider, Kimberly Hopwood, Robert Kenny, and Brian Washburn of Hinesburg, Sandra Labounty of Huntington, and Austin Savage of Essex Junction are among the 2023 Ice-Out winners. One additional winner is from Williston.  

While the Ice-Out Challenge ends when the concrete block falls into the water and stops the clock, there may still be skims of ice on the lake. Full ice-out occurs when there is no more ice at all on the lake. This year full ice-out occured on Monday, April 10. You can find a list of historical Ice-Out Challenge dates and full ice-out dates here.