LIA's Milfoil Outreach Efforts

LIA’s Milfoil Outreach Efforts 2016/17

The Lake Iroquois Association has been researching ways to control the Eurasian Water Milfoil infestation in the lake for several years. As this research has progressed we have been meeting with residents, property owners, relevant commissions and select boards in the four towns (Hinesburg, Williston, St. George, and Richmond) that form the lake’s watershed. In the past year, we have hosted or participated in over 10 public meetings. These events generated coverage in local newspapers and WPTZ television.. In addition, information has been posted on the LIA web site and Facebook page, in the newsletter: The Lake Iroquois Monitor, and in mailings (email and paper) to the LIA mailing list.

These events are listed below in reverse chronological order by category:

Public Events or Meetings

Hinesburg Town Meeting: 3/6/17


·         Milfoil discussion begins at 1:24 continues to approximately 1:56 when the paper ballot process is initiated.

Richmond SelectBoard: 1/17/17

Williston Conservation Commission: 11/16/16

Williston SelectBoard: 11/15/16

Saint George SelectBoard: 12/15/16

Hinesburg Conservation Commission: 11/8/16

Hinesburg SelectBoard: 11/7/16

Hinesburgh Public House LIA Community Supper: 10/4/16

Williston Community Meeting at Town Hall: 9/14/16

Lake Iroquois Property Owners Open Meeting at Conant Camp on Beebe Lane: 8/14/16

Hinesburg Community Meeting at Town Hall: 5/17/16


Town Reports

Hinesburg Annual Report 2016 pp 65-66

Williston Annual Report 2016 pg 90


Press Coverage:

The Citizen

‘Lake Iroquois milfoil cleanup planned’ 3/22/17:

"Roger Crouse: Doing his part for Lake Iroquois" 10/13/16

‘Battle against milfoil continues at Lake Iroquois’ 9/22/16:

"Lake Iroquois Association working to rid lake of milfoil" 8/11/16


Hinesburg Record

"Lake Iroquois Association Announces Milfoil Removal" 8/25/16



‘Fighting invasive species in Lake Iroquois’ 9/14/16



Williston Observer

‘Milfoil boats were just the start, Association says’ 9/22/16

"Divers attack milfoil scourge" 8/11/16

"Lake Iroquois unwelcome guest to be uprooted" 8/4/16