Board of Directors

Pat Suozzi, President, Pine Shore Drive, 802-355-2411,

Roger Crouse, Vice President, Beebe Lane, 802-482-2330 (Winter at (802) 985-3781),

Chris Conant, Secretary, Beebe Lane, 802-316-6714,

Dick Phillips, Treasurer, SW Shore, 443-255-8408,

Jamie Carroll, Director, Shadow Lane, (802) 989-9439,

Jeff Davis, Director, Shadow Lane, 802-343-3535,

Robert Donnis, Director, Beebe Ln, (802) 310-0262,

Roger Jones, Director, Dimick Road, 802-375-9232 (camp: 802-482-2392),

Steve Lidle, Director, Wood Run, 802-482-3475,

Marian Mumford, Director, Beebe Lane, 802-922-5880,

Bob Pasco, Director, Beebe Lane, 802-343-3960,

Chip Wright, Director, Old Pump Rd., 802-482-2937 (Winter at 802-985-3514),

Jane Marinsky, Director, East Shore Rd, (716)-866-2038,

Erni Rossi, Director, Beebe Ln

Contact any director with comments or questions about the efforts of the Lake Iroquois Association and how you can help.  Please also contact any board member if interested in serving on the board.   The application for board membership is attached below.