Loons on Lake Iroquois

posted Jul 23, 2016, 1:38 PM by Lake Iroquois Association
We are happy to let everyone know that a nesting pair of loons is on Lake Iroquois for

the first time in recent history. This may be the only nesting pair of loons in Chittenden

County. Unfortunately, this pair attempted to nest on the island and did not succeed,

possibly due to disturbance by human and dog activity there. However, once they were

found to be attempting to nest there Andrew and Betsy (the island owners) became

excited and are anxious to work with Eric Hanson, biologist for the Vermont Loon

Conservation Project, to manage the area in hopes that the loons will successfully nest

there next summer. In the meantime, enjoy watching the loons gliding around the lake

but don’t approach them too closely. For more information on loons in Vermont and the