Accident on Lake Iroquois

posted Jul 5, 2014, 5:31 AM by Lake Iroquois Association   [ updated Jul 5, 2014, 5:34 AM ]
On Saturday, June 28 a swimmer was hit by a power boat and very seriously injured on Lake Iroquois. The swimmer was within the 200 foot buffer zone from the shore and was wearing a white cap and towing a buoy. Please keep the swimmer and family in your thoughts.
We all enjoy and love our lake and want everyone to do so safely. No one can undo what has happened, but we can all help prevent future tragedy. Please take this opportunity to remind friends and family of state law and maritime safety rules.
Here is a summary:
-- Power boats may not exceed 5 mph within 200 feet of the shore, a per-son in the water, other vessels, or docks.
-- When towing waterskiers, wakeboarders, or tubers, the boat must con-tain a spotter over the age of 12 in addition to the operator.
-- Vessels operating under power must yield the right of way to non-powered vessels.
For more detailed information, please check Vermont boating regulations at

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